JUNE 2012
Greetings Everyone,

Although June would normally be considered a slow month for any snowmobile club, not the Snowseeker’s! First off, Thank You to Scott and Sandy Wilke, who hosted a great meeting at their place June 7th. It was a beautiful night and a well attended meeting.

Jack Belsterling and his friend, Dan Shearer, a certified CPR instructor, also had a CPR class on June 12th at the Harmony Moose that was attended by 15 Snowseeker’s. Our new donated defibrulator for the club house was also there for demonstration. This is a very important addition to our safety equipment and if anyone is unsure of it’s use or needs a demonstration, please see Jack or Mark before you need it. It also talk’s to you and gives you directions for it’s use when you turn it on. PLEASE FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH IT!! It will be placed at the lodging table at the clubhouse. Thank you Jack and Dan for hosting!!

Our Region #2 directors, Bob & Sharon Bower’s, have been keeping plenty busy in that area. They both attended the state meeting in April and Bob was again at State College last week on June 14th. He informs us that PSSA has agreed to give us an older model Snow-Cam until we are approved for a modern one. We would like someone to step up and get the snow cam going again for our new web-site for the upcoming winter riding season. Bob also says that $3000 in grant monies are available but paperwork is due August 1st. As of this writing, no one has approached Bob for use of these monies for trails, a groomer, tractor, etc. If ANYONE would like to handle the Sno-Cam committee or grant appropriations, please see or call Bob ASAP.

There was also an awesome work weekend on May 19th at the clubhouse that was attended by 17 Snowseeker’s. The work that got done on this normally sparsely attended outing was simply AMAZING, from the glass block windows and painting at the front doors, grass cutting, kitchen gutting and painting, social room flooring and trim completion (finally), old appliance removal, garage door lock fixed, electrical re-wireing of the kitchen and upgraded electrical service panel in the phone hallway, and even the Highland Haven sign taken down, painted, and put back up. Thank you to all who attended and took on a project, it was a great weekend!

Some more Snowseeker’s then went up the weekend of June 9th to continue on the kitchen project, which is moving right along. The stove was removed, brought home, stripped and cleaned and repainted, and will be back up there this week-end. The gas supply line for the stove was moved to above the ceiling, the ceiling was then put back up, grass cut once again, painting completed, and coolers moved and running. The old flooring was also removed and I hear the new floor is going down this weekend. The stove will be put back and we will be on our way to a nice upgraded gathering place at our clubhouse! Projects that still need done in the kitchen include installation of the new cabinets and counter, water filters and new sink installed, overstove vents and Ansul sprinkler system installed, and a new door that opens out instead of in. If you would like to help or head up one of these jobs, please see Tim Edwards, Scott Thomas, Dave Ford or Rich Hayes and we’ll get ‘er done. I’m sure I’ve missed something or someone but thank you all who have participated in these projects! The place is looking great!

Our Annual Clarion river Canoe Trip is June 23rd and I am looking forward to a great time on the Clarion. Thank you Derek Hayes, we’ll have a report next month. Also, the Strawberry Ridge Golf Outing for July 14th has been canceled. (just too much going on). Our next big event is our 7th Annual Thunder in the Forest Motorcycle Poker Run
the weekend of July 27th. Live entertainment (a band, not Art) will be Friday night this year as requested by the riders. We will need door prize donations and plenty of help whether you’re riding or not as we will have to work around our kitchen remodeling. Please see Michael Steinmetz and committee for info or to help out. Member’s need to call James Carr if you will be using your room as space will be at a premium. Your room will be given to a participant if you do not reserve it.

Not to close on a down note, but it has been brought to your Presidents attention that far too much back row talking and yakking has been going on at our meetings, and I would have to agree. If we want productive and short meetings, which everyone says they do, then please refrain from talking and interrupting unless you have the floor. This is even more important with the meetings being held outside for the summer. Your usual cooperation would be greatly appreciated and expected.

Also, club dues and garage sled storage monies are due in July. Please take the time to pay these at your earliest oppurtunity.

There will be a Board meeting this Thursday, June 28th, on Fishers Bar deck in Zelienople, @ 7:30, arrive early for dinner if interested.

Also, our next meeting at Jim & Terry Everett’s house in Ellwood City is scheduled for July 12th, eat @ 6:30 with general meeting to follow at 8:00 p.m. Please bring a covered dish or dessert, the club will supply drinks and grill fare. Please make note of both meeting changes due to the July 4th Holiday, and I’ll see you at one or the other, or both!!

Have a safe and happy celebration of this great nations birthday!!!

Mark & Sandy

June 28th – Board Meeting, Fishers Bar deck in Zelienople, 7:30 p.m.

July 12th – General meeting and cook-out, Jim & Terry Everett’s house, Ellwood City
Please bring covered dish or desert

July 27th – Weekend, 7th Annual Thunder in the Forest, call Michael Steinmetz