JULY 2012
Hello Again Everyone,

As I opened last month, summer is upon us and the dog days appear to be here, but no dog days for the Snowseeker’s!! First off, Thank You Jim & Terri Everett for hosting our meeting July 12th, Another beautiful night with a good meeting, good grub and good friend’s!

Jim Wolfe says that he and his ANF Volunteers, from May 25th through June 30Th, spent 246 hours on ANF Trail related projects! Jim plans on needing some help in August, so let him know if you can be there, or call him and thank him for a job well done! javmw@westpa.net We will also have a sign up sheet and hopefully a date at our August meeting if you want to help. Not to be out done, his co-hort and our own newly appointed Trail Committee chair, Tim Kelly, has procured $90,000 in RAC Grant monies. (that’s not a typo, 90k)! Tim says we have to pony up some $66k of our own in volunteer hours so I’m sure he will come up with a plan. Again, help will be needed in August and some more this fall so contact him at tim@tdkelly.com and please ask what you can do. Thank you Tim and Jim for a thankless job well done!! Winter is right around the corner…

Our web site, pasnowseekers.org, is running good and looking awesome! Even I figured out how to add photos, so no excuses, get on there and add some of your own. The club newsletter will also be posted monthly, under NEWS, along with an occasional report from our Trail Committee, under, you guessed it, TRAILS!! Check it out and thank you Erica! The snow-cam will be procured next so to anyone with this type of expertise please volunteer.

The 7th annual Thunder in the Forest Motorcycle Run for Breast Cancer Awareness is this coming weekend, July 28th. Michael and committee have been busy getting ready for this great event. The band and party will be Friday night this year with 2 separate routes for the run Saturday, short and long so no whining, get out there and ride. We will need help setting up Friday and the usual cleaning up Sunday along with cooking and taking care of our guests so help out if you can. Also, door prizes are needed, the more the better, nothings too small. Please remember, your room will be given to a rider if you do not reserve it. Call James to reserve a room. Michael needs suggestions for who to donate this years proceeds to so if you know someone who has been touched by breast cancer and it’s effects let him know at msteinmetz@hughies.com, and we’ll see you there!

The Annual Clarion River Canoe Trip was once again a blast with awesome weather and 20 canoes! Thank you Derek and J.B. for continuing this yearly event, it sure was fun! Also, plan on the Annual Highland Open Golf Outing sometime in late August or September, no date available yet, but I would imagine it will be at Kane Country Club. Bill Eastley will be hosting yet again.

I am also glad to report that Joe Erhart has asked, and was, re-instated as an Associate Member. Welcome back Joe! Also, Derek Hayes and J.B. Mueller and there families will be full members after paying this years dues. Welcome aboard!! This makes 46 member’s by my count, still short of our goal of 50 but on our way. Also, this years due’s and garage spaces are now due and payable so please take care off this at your earliest convenience! Thank you!

Chuck Bing has donated stackable chairs for dining area to replace the benches and also a sofa. Thank you, Chuck! Dave Ford brought them to the meeting and Hazey hauled them up last weekend. Also, Hock asked for a push mower and Norb donated one. Thanks Norb!

Congratulations to Jack and Lori, the new Mr. & Mrs. Jack Belsterling!! Must have lost my invitation in the mail… Sure looked awesome down there though!

Last, but not least, the kitchen is progressing nicely. The stove and ice-maker are refurbished and will be hooked up for the bike run. The new floor is down, the cabinets are ordered and probably done, and Tim Kelly found time in between all his trail work to make us a beautiful oak counter top, which is also done. Thank you too ALL who have contributed!! Space limits thanking each of you individually, but you know who you are. We will have to work around this mess all summer, but, so far, so good. After some pains, we should have an awesome addition to our clubhouse this fall and winter. Next up will be the sink and it’s water treatment and overhead hood and Ansul system, so there is plenty left to do if you would like to get involved.

Our next meeting will be hosted by Jim and Lori at Jim Hart’s house in Zelienople. Club will supply grill fare and beveridges, please bring covered dish and/or dessert. Dinner at 6:00, meeting follows at 8:00 p.m. See you there!!

Mark & Sandy

Today – Pay your due’s and garage spaces. Pa. Snowseeker’s, P.O. Box 542, Zelienople, PA. 16063-0542

July 28th wknd. – 7th Annual Thunder in the Forest, call Michael

August 2nd – General Meeting and cookout @ Jim Hart’s, Zelienople

September 8th Р2nd Annual Cornhole Tournament, Scott & Sandy Wilke. Joanie Eastly and Charity Committee will need old jewelry donated for this event for charity. Call Joanie.