September 2012

Hello again everyone,

September finds the Snowseeker’s closing out our summer meeting schedule. Thank you to the Everett’s, Hart’s, Wilke’s and Mueller’s for hosting this summer’s meeting’s. For October, we will be back at the Harmony Moose and for the forseeable future.

I am happy to annnounce our Snowseeker Woman and Man of the Year once again, Loretta ‘Redda’ Hayes and Jim ‘Bone’s’ Wolfe. Anyone who has spent any time with these two will know my reasons why. There is nothing you can ask them to do for this club that they won’t jump into or participate in. Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Jim has spent countless hours looking after our trail interests at meetings up in the ANF, not to mention volunteer hours he spends actually maintaining the trails. Loretta is involved in everything from Canoe trips, childrens Christmas parties, always helping out around the clubhouse projects, (check out the barstools, new kitchen curtains, & ladies bathroom), in addition to being an outstanding Treasurer. Thank you to the both of you for being outstanding examples and Snowseeker’s! There is many more of you who are very deserving of this award and I hope you don’t feel slighted by my selections, however, we had to start somewhere and I think you can agree that these two Snowseeker’s are very deserving.

There is a Fall Rally motorcycle ride scheduled for October 6th, weather permitting. Cost is $30 per person and includes lodging and steak dinner Saturday night. Contact Scott Wilke for info or reservations. He won’t make a sure call on this event untill Wednesday or Thursday evening due to weather concerns, but if the weather is good, it should be a spectacular fall ride!

The PSSA Powersports Show is scheduled for October 27th at noon at the Lebanon Expo Center, 80 Rocherty Rd., Lebanon, PA. It would be good to get a group together and attend. Joanie Eastley is looking for auction items or ideas by October 19th. Please contact Joanie.

Tim Kelly and Bones Wolf have been very busy up north with the ANF trail system getting ready for the upcoming riding season. Some of their projects have included using RAC Grant money for bulldozing and smoothing several tight and bumpy sections of ASL #1 in Warren county, planning for the widening of the bridge over South Branch of Kinzua Creek at Bob’s Trading Post so the groomers can get across it, and working with Forest County and Marienveille Trail Riders clubs on trails #28, #11 and #12 in Forest County. I’ve been told that these trails are now in awesome shape due to the volunteer hours from these 3 clubs efforts! Make sure and thank Tim & Jim when your out there enjoying their work this winter. Please visit the Trail link on our website to see what they’ve been up to. They will also be hosting the meeting between concerned club’s and the Forest Service at the clubhouse on October 13th at 9a.m.

The kitchen project is progressing nicely and the kitchen is actually usable again. The oak countertops that Tim Kelly made for us were installed September 15th and look awesome. Thank you Hoop for your talented skills. The grillside sink was also installed with cold water filters for drinking and coffee making and is also usable again. While this was going on, some ladies painted the downstairs womans bathroom after scrubbing it down. Thank you ladies! Lenny Crawford has procured a stainless overhead hood which will be going in next along with ventalation for grill & then the Ansul fire suppression system. The McHugh family donated the stainless steel for behind the grill, thank you McHugh’s. We will then improve the lighting and change the door to open out. Stools for the center counter will need to be purchased next so let Rich know if you have any ideas on these items. To everyone who has helped on this project (and there have been many), thank you, it is looking good and should be enjoyable this winter and for many years to come!

As for the water system, the well cleanout that we did last year has improved the quantity over a very dry summer, so that was money well spent. Mike McHugh has said he can get the filter system overhauled and cleaned if someone wants to remove it and get it to him. We should be able to remove it and by-pass it so we’ll still have water while he gets the work done. Any volunteers?

Your due’s and garage space monies should have been paid when you receive this newsletter. If you have forgotten or your dog ate your due’s, please make sure to take care of it ASAP!

We will have our Annual Thanksgiving and wood cutting weekend on November 3rd. Please make sure and attend if at all possible to get ready for winter and enjoy a great dinner with neighbors and friends!

Jack Belsterling will be adding some more fire extinguisher’s around the clubhouse and garage. Please make sure you know their locations and how to operate them so you don’t have to when they are needed. Jack will also give a demonstration on there use November 3rd.

Scott & Tina Thomas’ daughter was diagnosed with TTP, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Congratulations to Dan & Viki Miller, G-parents again with Dylan, and to Norb & Judy Belsterling on their daughter Stacey’s marriage to Ryan!

While I can’t believe summer has come and gone already, (where the hell did that go?), I would have to say it was a great summer, both weather wise and in general for the Snowseeker’s. We had our usual fun events and charity fundraisers, and got alot done at the clubhouse. I now find myself wondering what winter will bring and looking forward to it with many more good times with friends………..WE CAN’T WAIT!

Mark & Sandy

Upcoming dates and events:

October 4th – Board meeting @ 7:00pm, General Meeting @ 8:00pm, Harmony Moose, Harmony, PA.

October 6th – ,Fall Bike Rally, Snowseeker clubhouse. 160 mile ride with steak dinner and lodging, $30 pp, contact Scott Wilke for reservations or if we’re having it.

October 13th – Trails meeting of local clubs and Forest Service at Snowseeker clubhouse, 9a.m.

October 27th – PSSA Powersports Show & Auction, Lebanon Expo Center. Joanie needs auction items

November 3rd – Annual Thanksgiving and woodcutting at Snowseeker clubhouse – Bring Side dish

November 10th – Snowmobile Safety Class at Browns Country Kitchen @ 8a.m., hosted by Art Amsler for reservations…

*** Lana here – as you know our newsletter is on our website, facebook & can be emailed, please respond to my email on how you would like to receive it – it would be nice to eliminate mailing by U.S. Mail. ***