Welcome all to the 2013 Snowmobile Season!

Although it hasn’t started off with a bang, I’ve heard from a very good source that cold and snow are right around the corner. Although I can’t reveal my source, you will just have to trust me on this one… New York state trails open December 19th and our own ANF trails open December 22, so when you receive this, we should be ready to rock! Hoop informs me that the Marienville By-pass will be OPEN this year as the Forest Service will wait until summer to improve it where it connects to Trail #1 at Duhring, so thats good news. Also, Trail #1A will be open from Westline to the New York state line this year with the re-route around Marshburg having been completed and signed. With the major improvements around Marienville’s trail system and with the improvements from last year that we didn’t get to ride on, I look forward to having a good riding experience this winter in our own ‘back yard’, the ANF.

At our December meeting we once again stepped up and had our Annual Christmas auction and raised over $525 for charity, Ginny reports. Thank you to all who attended and donated! Your generosity never ceases to amaze me, you are one great bunch of people! We also welcomed our newest member, Larry Mosier and family, welcome Larry!

The ladies had a wonderful Breakfast with Santa once again on December 8th, with 70 kid’s and big kid’s attending. This is another great annual Snowseeker tradition to look forward to every year! Thank you Loretta, Tina and Sandy for organizing and Santa, your elf helper and Jack for playing your parts!

Along the lines of trail work, we have been missing out on some grant monies from our own great state of Pa. the last few years. It seems that we are just not ready when these funds become available every year. While riding this year, please think about what project we would like to pursue next year and let’s go get some funding! To that end, there is a DCNR Grant workshop scheduled in Clarion on Wednesday, February 27th, from 9:30am till 1:00 pm. This is a necessary evil to procuring a DCNR Grant that we have all been talking about. They go over the basics and show you exactly what they want on the application. If ANYONE can attend, please see your President! Pre-registration is required. We need to get involved and quit talking about these monies and go get us some. We have a good Region #2 Director in Bob & Sharon and a great state association in PSSA to help us once we get some ideas and pursue some monies, so lets go!

Scott and Sandy Wilke hosted another great deer camp this year, with some scrumptious food and great memories once again. Although attendance was down, our group still managed 2 nice 8 point bucks taken by our own Dean Cercone and Bob Brown from Kentucky, with Deano winning the most perfect rack at the Kane Big Buck Contest! Congrats guys and thank you Scott & Sandy and everyone who helped out!

Norb Belsterling has some clothing for this winter with our logo and also can order if you would like. You can also take existing clothing, jackets, etc., down to Izzo’s and get our logo stitched yourself. I did, I think it was $10, and they do a really nice job. Please see Norb if you would like to order.

Tickets are available for the Snowseekers 3rd Annual Spring Bash Raffle, to be held at St. Ferdinand’s Church in Cranberry on Saturday, April 6th. Member’s needing more tickets are asked to contact Sandy Harris or Scott Wilke. Please return sold tickets stub’s and monies to Cathy Wright, 371 Nine Hill Rd., Harmony, PA. 16037. Please ask a Bash Committee person for your tickets to avoid mailing them and try and sell as many as possible, as this has become our major fundraiser for the year.

With New Year’s eve being on a Monday this year, it was decided at the last meeting to fore go our usual New Years eve party at the clubhouse unless there is SNOW.  Please see our web-site for current conditions and if people will be going up.

To that end, the club has agreed to pay for DSL service and install a sno-cam. If anyone has any kind of experience with this techno babble and wants to get it hooked up for winter, see Mark.

In close, it’s great to see some new faces and with the new faces, some great idea’s and participation at our meetings and events. Sometimes our ideas get stale and the new ideas and enthusiasm is much appreciated by this President! Now, for what I want for Christmas and the New Year? Your continued support and enthusiasm for one of the great clubs in Pennsylvania! I don’t suppose asking someone to step up and co-ordinate our Trail grants would be asking too much, would it?

Sandy and I would like to wish all of you a snowy, safe and fun filled snowmobile season! We can’t wait to see you all at the clubhouse and out on the trails!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mark & Sandy


January 3rd –    Monthly meeting, 8:00pm, @ Harmony Moose

February 7th –    Monthly meeting, 8:00pm, @ Harmony Moose

February 27th –  DCNR Grant Workshop, 9:30am to 1:00pm, Clarion, PA.