Hello All,

Just got back from riding in Erie and remembered a newsletter is due, so here goes! The riding around the ANF so far has been marginal at best but better than last year. Member’s have been frequenting Chautauqua County a lot this year and a group just got back from Gaylord, Michigan and reported excellent conditions. Another group will be heading back to the UP of Michigan the first of March, so it’s out there if you wanna git ya some!

As March rolls in we have to turn our attention to our Spring Bash which will be here April 6th. Please sell those tickets, it will be here before we know it! We need 750 tickets turned in the next 5 weeks! Please send your ticket receipts and monies to : Cathy Wright, 371 Nine Hill Rd., Harmony, PA. 16037

As a correction to last months newsletter, the club will not reimburse you for Chinese Auction item’s. My bad…The club also voted to donate the Lottery Tree proceeds to a charity, at the Charity Committee’s request. Thank you Dave Ford for your generous donation to the Lottery Tree at last month’s meeting!

Ginny has also asked me to include the following: Will you please remind everyone about the Chinese Auction. Please have items at the March meeting. We will accept things in April but that is going to rush me quite a bit. If someone is planning on making up their own basket to donate then let me know so I can label it. Dale will be at the meeting on the 7th. I will not be. He will collect everything including the 50-50 money for the lottery tree. We still need the poker cover and black & gold items. We are also looking for Pittsburgh Items. Ginny.  These Chinese Auction items were a big draw at last years Bash. If you can, please come up with a basket idea and or item’s and bring it to the next meeting to help your club out. The Bash Committee will need a lot of help with food prep and serving, door ticket collections, 50/50 raffles, selling unsold ticket’s, setting up and cleaning up,etc. Please plan on attending and helping out if you can. Call Scott & Sandy or Jim & Cathy Wright for more tickets or to see what you can help out with the day of the event.

Deb Amsler and Loretta Hayes will be attending the DCNR grant work-shop this week in Clarion on there own time. Thank you in advance ladies! We as a club need to get together on some ideas of what we would like to pursue through grant monies when it comes time to apply, such as land purchases to access trails, groomer’s, drags, trail maintenance equipment or re-imbursing us for past maintenance. Please think about this and we’ll talk some more at future meetings. Let’s not wait until the last minute and scramble to come up with ideas.

I would like to have a Past President’s weekend at the clubhouse and have received much interest in it from our past presidents and both current and former members, however, we need a date to agree on. How about mid May, perhaps while we repair the garage floor?

Dean Cercone reminds us he will be hosting his annual ‘Bustin Out’ Good Friday Shoot on March 29th this year. (Yes, It’s on a Friday…) Call Deano to reserve.

The club once again is in need of a Region #2 candidate for P.S.S.A Director, as Bob Bower’s work load demands he step down. Thank you Bob and Sharon for your last year of service! If ANYONE is interested in this very important position, please let your president know ASAP. I have had several member’s mention Rich & Loretta, perhaps they just need a little more prodding…

That’s about it for this month. Please remember to sell your allotment of Spring Bash tickets, as this event has become the main means of support for your club. Let’s get those tickets SOLD and turned in to Cathy, and we’ll have an awesome event, as usual!

I’ll leave you all with a quote from the great Vince Lombardi…

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”

Mark & Sandy



March 7th – Board Meeting @ 7p.m., Regular Meeting @ 8p.m., Harmony Moose, Harmony, PA.

March 16th or 23rd –  St. Paddys at the Haven, thoughts at next meeting…

March 29th – Bustin’ Out Good Friday Sporting Clays Shoot, Call Dean Cercone

April 4th – Regular Monthly Meeting @ 8p.m., Harmony Moose, Harmony, PA.

April 6th – 3rd Annual Spring Bash, St Ferdinand’s Church, Cranberry Twp., PA. 12:30 p.m. to 5:00p.m. Please sell your tickets and call or talk to a committee member and see what you can do to help…