Hello Snowseeker’s,

As I write March’s newsletter, it is the 20th anniversary of the St Paddys Day Blizzard of ’93. I remember it well as I was, where else, riding in the ANF with my dad Jerry, my young son, J.B., (11years old at the time), and Jim Hart. As we had lunch at Westline Hotel, the storm started raging. Some people asked if we were worried about getting back, “who us?, we’re snowmobiler’s”, was our reply. After fighting our way back through zero visibility, carb’s freezing up due to the powder, and 5 foot drifts, we got back to the Haven sometime well after dark. We then found out I-80 was closed and would remain closed through Sunday. What else to do? Well, we got on our sleds and rode to the Nansen. They were open but had no help, so we cooked, tended bar, and cleaned the kitchen when we were done! Yes, those were the days!

With our Snowseeker St. Paddy’s party coming up this Friday, the 22nd, I’m hoping for one last ride for the year for what has turned out to be a decent riding season. We all had to do a lot of traveling but good riding has been around for those of us Snowseeker’s willing to travel.Who’s all going up for one last hurrah this weekend? I do know they are riding in Allegany State Park, N.Y., as I write. With a little ice and snow, I think it will be good around Westline too. See yinz there!

As you all know, our Spring Bash is fast approaching and is shaping up to be the best one yet! With our new location at St. Ferdinand’s in Cranberry, it should be alot more comfortable for the expected crowd and far better parking. Scott and committee have a lot to do and are asking for help with everything, from cooking & serving to selling 50/50 tickets, selling extra ticket’s, and setting up and cleaning up after the event. Let’s all plan on helping out somehow. Of course, our intention is to sell out of ticket’s before the Bash. Let’s all make that big final push to get rid of your allotment of ticket’s, and send your receipt’s, sold and un-sold ticket’s to Cathy Wright.

Please have food item’s at the hall by 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning. All member’s are asked to prepare and bring a dessert dish, cookies, cakes, etc., and bring them the day of the Bash.

Ginnny Kline is still accepting item’s for the Chinese Auction’s and the Lottery Tree. Please make arrangements with Ginny before the Bash and give her a call, as she will be pretty busy setting these item’s up Saturday morning. She will continue collecting item’s needed at the April 4th meeting, but will be running out of time by then to get them ready for the event. Please remember to bring any un-sold tickets to the April meeting or make arrangements to have another member bring them, so we have an idea where we stand with final minute sales.

The color add’s for the Bash were in the Butler Eagle Sunday, March 17th, and will be in the Cranberry Eagle this Wednesday the 20th. Check them out! A decision will be made based on response from these adds for future ad’s the week of the bash.

The Past President’s (and past member’s) weekend is set for May 18th at the clubhouse. If the funding is there, we will also try and fix the garage floor and possibly replace the kitchen man-door. I will try and get as many there as I can and am looking forward to some great story telling, good natured poking and of course, some great eats! Mark your calender’s and we’ll have more on this later!

Also in May, we will have our yearly elections for officer’s who will then take office in September. Please plan on running for office if you are eligible. It’s a lot of work but rewarding and you get a view from the other side, so to speak. Believe me, it’s a different perspective!

Your Board of Director’s have begun discussions about our due’s structure, use of the club-house, and how to better balance our budget for the future of this club. These discussions will continue through spring. Constructive input and participation is appreciated. Please remember that without our clubhouse, the Snowseeker’s probably cease to exist, at least in our present form. Please keep an open mind as these discussions move forward.

The premium gas in the tank is for sale at $3.75 a gallon. Feel free to fill your sled’s up for off season storage or your vehicles and remember to pay with your lodging.

Member’s Jim Wolf and Melissa Vaughn have had recent health issues but both are on the road to recovery. Get well soon!

We just found out that past Snowseeker Robert ‘Bob’ Brizendine passed away yesterday, March 17th. Briz, as he was known to friend’s, was one of the ‘original 8’ at the Highland Hilton Camp across the street from the Haven. He had a hearty laugh and enthusiasm that was contagious. He will be dearly missed by family and friend’s. Our condolences to wife Judy, daughter’s Jody & Wendy and the Brizendine family.

That’s about it for now. Please sell your remaining tickets or get the unsold tickets back to a committee member so we know where we are at with sales. I would hope every member will make a sincere last effort to sell their allotment of ticket’s.

Looking forward to seeing you all this Friday, the 22nd, at the clubhouse with your green on, at the meetings April 4th, or at the Bash April 6th! See yinz then!

Mark & Sandy

FUN FACT: A man hiking exerts 10 times the pressure of a snowmobile track…


March 22nd, this Friday, St. Paddy’s party at the Highland Haven clubhouse

March 29th, Bustin’ Out Good Friday Shoot, Castlewood Sporting Clays. Call Dean Cercone

April 4th, Board meeting @ 7:00 p.m., Regular Monthly Meeting @ 8:00p.m. at the Harmony Moose, Harmony, PA. Please bring unsold Bash tickets and receipts to this meeting or give them to someone who is attending

April 6th, 3rd Annual Spring Bash Raffle, 12:30 to 5;00 p.m., St. Ferdinand’s Church, 2535 Rochester Rd., Cranberry Twp., PA. 16066. Set up will be Friday evening @ 7:00p.m. Please help set up Friday evening, or help at the event, or with clean up ater the Bash.

April 13th, Trout Season opener, Highland Haven clubhouse

April 20th, Trails Meeting between area club’s and Forest Service rep’s, 9:00 a.m. till noon @ Highland Haven clubhouse

May 18th, Past President’s & Member’s weekend at the Highland Haven clubhouse


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