Greetings everyone,

As I write this months rendition it is 37 degree’s and falls colors are starting to peek out so you know what is right around the corner! It’s time to look over your trailer and get your units ready to roll! On that end, Scott Thomas & crew would like to have a work day at the clubhouse next Saturday, October 5th, to get a handle on some things that need done before winter. We will still have our big woodcutting/Thanksgiving weekend on November 9th, however, next weekend will be to get some other issues out of the way before then. I heard the women’s upstairs bathroom will be started, along with some more garage work, moving wood around front, other kitchen sink installed, etc. Please plan on attending one or the other or both weekends if at all possible, and we’ll get the Haven ready for another riding season.

Thank you neighbor Roy Stillman for handling the emergency water pressure bladder tank replacement for us. It look’s great and hopefully will last a bit longer than the last one, well done!

October 19th is the bi-annual meeting with the U.S. Forest Service and clubs riding on the ANF, to be held at the Highland Haven clubhouse. Jim Wolf says it is no longer limited to 2 member’s from each club and would like to see some more Snowseeker’s there. Left over grooming funds allowed the purchase of new tracks for the smaller groomer, along with 200 tons of stone for the Durhing area trails. Please attend the meeting October 19th from 9am to noon for more info.

We had a wonderful Highland open Golf Outing September 14th hosted by Bill Eastley. It was attended by 26 golfers, about half members and half guests’. All in all, it was a blast and very well run, and it was good to see the additional golfers & guests’ there. Dean Cercone is the current Highland Open champion with a score of 77, so congrats Deano and thank you Bill and to all members who helped out! It really was a nice time.

The Winter Raffle is up and running with tickets being handed out at last months meeting. The sled and quad were at the Golf Outing and then made their way to Presque Isle’s (Erie County) grass drags/swap meet the next day by Shawn & Mike McHugh, where ticket sales were brisk! If you haven’t gotten any tickets yet please see Mike & Lauraine McHugh @ (724) 350-1436 and they will get some to you. They are $10 each and the sled/quad will be raffled off Christmas eve, so we will have to sell ASAP. Please bring ticket monies to the next 3 meetings so we know where we are at with sales. Some one is going to wake up with a nice Christmas morning with a nice gift and a decision to make…:)

Marienville’s quad ride is also next weekend, October 5th, and Mike would like someone to haul the units up to sell tickets at this event if at all possible. Please talk to Mike to co-ordinate if you can haul the units up to Marienville.

Art Amsler will host a Snowmobile Safety Class at Browns Country Kitchen on Saturday, November 2nd. Please see Art if you or anyone you know needs this class.

Our P.S.S.A State Snowmobile/ Outdoor Show is the weekend of October 26th at the Lebanon Expo Center. It sure would be good to have a Snowseeker presence there and maybe even get our quad/sled raffle out there. There will also be a Trails Workshop there (page 4 of your current PSSA paper). If anyone is interested please consider and let me know at or before the next meeting October 4th, and I will see the Board about a stipend to get you there.

Just a reminder, your yearly club due’s and garage storage fee’s are now due and will be late in October so please take care of this if you haven’t already. Thank you!

At Septembers meeting, our new officers were installed, thank you to all who ran for office back in May! Also, Sandy Harris and Scott Wilke are our Snowseeker Woman and Man of the Year, congratulations to the both of you and thank you both for all your hard work and dedication to this club!

In close, October is here and I find myself getting pretty exited about the upcoming riding season. For some reason, it seems like we are due for a good one with plenty of snow at the Haven and all our favorite riding destinations. I sure hope so! Thank you to all Snowseeker’s who hosted a summer meeting, and we’ll see you at the Moose October 4th.

Think Snow!
Mark & Sandy

Snowmobile Fun fact: In 2011 there were 123,063 snowmobiles sold world wide; 51,796 were sold in the U.S. and 40,878 were sold in Canada.



–October 3rd, Regular monthly meeting, 8 p.m., Harmony Moose

–October 5th, Get ready for winter work bee at the Highland Haven clubhouse, see Scott Thomas

October 19th, Bi-annual meeting between concerned club’s and the U.S.F.S. at the Highland Haven clubhouse

–November 2nd, Snowmobile Safety Class, Browns Country Kitchen, Portersville, see Art Amsler to register

November 7th, Regular monthly meeting, Harmony Moose, 8 p.m.

November 9th, Annual Thanksgiving and Woodcutting weekend at the Highland Haven clubhouse

November 23rd-26th, Bear Camp fundraiser, Highland Haven clubhouse, see Jim Hart

November 30th-December 4th, Deer Camp fundraiser, Highland Haven clubhouse, see Scott Wilke

–December 7th, Breakfast with Santa, see Loretta Hayes