Hello Snowseeker’s!

Once again, as I write, snow is forecast for tonight and the next few day’s, so riding can’t be far around the corner, right? I hope so! Wolfie just reported 2 inches of fresh and 34 degrees at high noon on this 24th day of October in Russell City, so….

The semi-annual trails meeting between the Snowmobile club’s and the U.S. Forest Service that was canceled on October 19th due to the government shut down has been re-scheduled for November 16th at 9 a.m. Please see Jim Wolfe or Hazey for more info or if you can attend.

Scott Thomas had a nice turnout for the October 5th work day, where a lot was accomplished in preparation for this winters riding season. By my count, 17 member’s participated in clearing our connecter Trail #23, splitting and moving wood for the social room, pressure washing the rear siding, installing the new man door in the garage, installing cove base trim in our new kitchen, smoke alarm batteries changed, storm windows installed, a new yard light installed out back, and the upstairs ladies room gutted in preparation for remodeling. Dave Ford has been up there the last couple weekends continuing on this project, and says most of the materials needed have been donated. I’m sure I missed something but all in all, a lot was accomplished while having a good time, which is the Snowseeker way! Thank you to all who came up & donated items and your valuable time. The Haven is looking good, and you are what makes it work!

While working on the bathroom re-modeling, it was noted that the red power miter saw is missing from the club. If you borrowed this saw or know who did, please return it ASAP! It is needed up there and was donated to the club for this type of club-house work. It needs to be returned.

Our Annual Thanksgiving/Woodcutting weekend is fast approaching on Saturday, November 9th. The invitations to our neighbors were hand delivered October 5th, so we should have a good turn-out from them. With the work being done in October, Scott would like to concentrate on the woodcutting to make it easier on everyone involved. We will need chain-saws, woodsplitters, mauls, dump-trucks, gloves and lotsa help for this weekend. Of course, ,the ladies will also need help in the kitchen preparing their usual splendid dinner for our tired and hungry wood crews and neighbor’s. Please plan on attending and helping if at all possible. It’s always a good time! As always, please bring a covered dish, dessert, or snack if attending.

The Snowseeker’s will host their annual Snowmobile Safety Class on November 2nd at Browns Country Kitchen in Portersville. Please give Art Amsler a call if you or anyone you know needs this class and to reserve your space.

The Snowseeker Winter Raffle is also fast approaching and the Christmas eve winner is only 2 months away. While all tickets have been handed out, the McHugh’s have only gotten back minimal ticket stubs and monies. They obviously need to know where we stand on sales so please make it a point to turn in your receipts to Mike & Lauraine at the next 2 meetings or at Thanksgiving weekend. Or, give ’em a call and let them know where your sales are at. Please, please, PLEASE sell those tickets. As you read this, the Winter Raffle sled/quad display will be at the P.S.S.A. PowerSports Show in Lebanon, PA.

Thank you Doug Keyes and Preferred Fire Protection of Pittsburgh for finishing the Ansul fire suppression system in the kitchen. This system is now fully automatic and can also be discharged manually if needed. Please ask for a demonstration on it’s manual operation, and thank you again Doug!

The club’s annual Breakfast with Santa will be on December 7th this year. Loretta need’s your kid’s names that will be attending and gift request ASAP. I believe she is still looking for a Santa also…

Thank you Norb for filling in for me at the last minute at last month’s meeting! It was a great opening Penguin game, and a great day for hockey! I understand a special guest,  “Windbags’ was there??

Mike McHugh has club emblem decals available for your trailers, please see Mike if interested. Also, Norb still has winter gear available for purchase with the club logo, please see Norb and proudly display your club’s logo this winter!

The House Committee would like to remind all member’s that our member’s room’s are their rooms, including the bedding and personal items in it. If you or a guest use a room, you are responsible using your own bedding and for cleaning it up and leaving it as you found it. There have been several incidences of missing items, bedding, etc., from rooms, and rooms left in disarray after use. Let’s ALL take care of this before it becomes an issue, especially before hunting and riding season is upon us. Your usual cooperation is appreciated!

That’s about it for now. Hope to see you all at November 7th general meeting or at the Thanksgiving/Woodcutting weekend on November 9th!

Mark & Sandy


Snowmobiling Fun Fact: Over 90,000 full time jobs are generated by the snowmobile industry in North America…



November 2nd, Snowmobile Safety Class, Browns Country Kitchen, Art Amsler

November 7th, Board Meeting at 7:00 pm, General Meeting 8:00 pm  –   Harmony Moose

November 9th, Annual Thanksgiving/Woodcutting weekend at your clubhouse, please bring a covered dish, dessert, or bar snack and woodcutting tools or ask Scott Thomas what needs done…

November 23rd, Bear Season opener, see Jim Hart

November 30th thru December 4th, Deer Camp fundraiser, see Scott Wilke

December 5th, General Meeting, 8 pm  –   Harmony Moose

December 7th, Breakfast with Santa,  call Loretta Hayes

December 24th, Christmas Eve Winter Raffle winner announced….could it be you or a friend?? Sell, sell SELL those tickets and give Mike or Lauraine a call.