Hello Once Again Snowseekers,

Once again, I will combine 2 months of newsletter’s, as I, just like you all, are just too busy this time of year!

With our annual elections of officers last month at May’s meeting, I am pleased to announce our 2015 Board of Directors and Officers:

President: Norb Belsterling
Vice-President: Art Amsler
Secretary: Sandy Harris
Treasurer: Loretta Hayes
Board of Directors: Dave Ford, Jack Belsterling, Ken Kelly, Scott Thomas, and Mark Mueller.

We had a very good turnout for elections with a lot of member’s running for office. Thank you too all members who ran! It is a very important part of any successful club, as new & fresh ideas are needed, along with some rest for the weary! The new officers and board will start their terms this September.

Well, once again we pulled off our major fundraiser of the year, our 4th Annual Spring Bash, and once again we topped ourselves and had the best one ever. All tickets that were available were sold, the food was plentiful and delicious, and Ginny’s charity baskets were once again a huge hit. I would have to say that we as a club should definitely plan on this annual event once again next year, as it’s just too good a time to pass up. Yes, a lot of work, but once again we turned it into a good time, which is the Snowseeker way! Thank you all who attended, sold tickets, (50/50, Bash Tickets, Basket Tickets, etc.), worked the door, the kitchen, clean-up, set-up, donated prizes, time & covered dishes & desserts, drove around getting last minute item’s, and our MC, Jay Wack, it was an outstanding effort by all and you all should be commended for it. We will now replenish our coffer’s along with our club’s Charity account and enjoy the fruits of our labor. A special thank you has to go out to our chairpersons, Scott & Sandy Wilke and Jim & Cathy Wright, who continue to tweak the Bash for it’s continued success, and, of course, Ginny Kline, for her endless pursuit of basket items and Lottery Tree tickets. Thank you all!

Our major fundraiser also let’s us do things like the garage roof replacement, scheduled for this past weekend, May 31st. The roof was installed along with the trim & soffit & fascia. We also installed ridge vent and gable vents, along with some painting and touching up. With the cement poured last spring, the garage is looking good for the foreseeable future!  Breakfast & dinner were provided from leftovers from the Bash.

Our summer meeting schedule is set, with Junes to be held at the Everett’s, 301 Knox Ave., Ellwood City 16117, on June 5th, Julys will be back at Walts on Conneaut lake July 12th at noon, and Augusts’ will be back at Jim & Lori’s. Please keep in mind the date & venue change for July’s meeting, due to the 4th of July holiday. Walt’s is the same place we had last year at his pavilion out back. Camping is available for free, or make other arrangements on your own. As usual, the club will provide grill fare, please bring covered dish or dessert to share at these meetings! Thanks to the Everett’s, Walt’s, & Hart’s for hosting!!

In other club news, we have once again made a nice donation to the Highland Township Fire Department. Jim & Terri Everett were awarded room #19. Loretta is looking into Wi-Fi at the club, for our phones and future snow-cam, and the clubhouse was once again recently treated by Terminex as per our contract with them. Sandy Harris found a set of keys in the backyard of the club-house, as of yet unclaimed.

In trail news, work will be performed on Trail #15 with trees being removed. Gas will again be available this coming winter at Graybil’s, with some more trail work to be done behind there. The groomers are under a 5 year contract, with 4 more years to go…

The Annual Clarion River Canoe trip is scheduled for June 14th. Call Derek Hayes to reserve yours or for more info.

Our 9th Annual Thunder in the Forest Motorcycle Run is on for July 26th, with the Shiners returning to entertain us. I’m sure Michael & committee will have more on this soon.

That’s about it for this month and next. We hope to see you this weekend at camp, next week at the Everett’s, or July 12th at Walt’s. Have a safe and happy summer everyone!

Mark & Sandy