Hello All!

By the time this reaches you, we will be through July with another summer waning and a new snowmobile season fast approaching. Hard to believe!

On July 12th, a meeting was held at Walt’s Tavern in Conneaut and hosted by the McHugh’s. This was our second meeting at Walt’s and was attended by some 40 Snowseeker’s and friends. We had a good cookout on a splendid day and even managed to get some things done, after which we enjoyed a boat ride on beautiful Conneaut Lake and a bon-fire at the McHugh’s later. Thank you Mike and Lauraine for hosting and Walt’s for providing camping and the meeting pavilion! While we were busy at the meeting, Scott Thomas & Bruce Moody were at the clubhouse mowing & weed wacking in prep for Thunder weekend, so I guess I’ll have to excuse them from attending…Thank’s guy’s!

As a friendly reminder, your annual due’s are due in July and will be late in September. Please see Loretta and take care of this ASAP. Same goes for all garage space holders. Thank you!

Bill Eastly has set our Annual Highland Open Golf Outing at Kane Country Club for September 6th, with tee times starting at 12:02. Please let Bill know if you and your group plan on attending. This is always a good time and another Snowseeker tradition.

PSSA will be hosting a 2 separate Powersport Show’s this fall, the usual East show October 24th through the 26th in York, Pa., and an additional West show in Monroeville on December 12th through the 14th. This is the same show we had a booth at last year in Lebanon, PA., where we learned a lot. The event is under new management and should be a lot more convenient for Snowseeker’s to attend. I would hope the club will have a display at least at the West show in Monroeville. We will need some help with display ideas, transporting, and set-up. We certainly have enough memorabilia and what not to fill up several booths. I’m sure Norb will have more on this soon. Please think about it!

Next years Spring Bash will take place once again at St. Ferdinand’s on Saturday, April 11th.

We are still looking into getting Wi-Fi at the clubhouse for your phone service. Michael will have more on this soon.

Speaking of Michael, the club just completed hosting the 9th Annual ‘Thunder in the Forest’, and I would have to say it was the best one yet. Even Mother nature co-operated, except for a brief bike wash early Saturday morning. From the set-up Friday morning, to the registration, to the Friday cook-out, welcome party and Shiner’s playing Friday night, to the Saturday morning breakfast, the actual ride, the post ride dinner, and the prize hand-out, and even the clean-up, everything went off with-out a hitch. The crowd we now have returning every year are all good people and can’t wait to participate, with some even scheduling their vacations around it. This speaks volumes about this important fund raiser and every member who participated should be proud of this event. Even Michael, who is usually ready to pull his remaining hair out by Sunday, was already planning next years. Although everyone who was there helped, I would like to thank Jim Wright for food shopping & cooking breakfast Saturday, Dean Cercone & the whole Saturday crew who didn’t ride, for the excellent food prep and Saturday dinner, James & Christina for room assignment, Lana & Dave for tirelessly working the registration, Dean Wack for prize handout work, Sandy Mueller for organizing the silent auction & pre-cleaning the clubhouse, Ken Kelly for route lay-out & poker hand draw, Rick from James City Cafe’ for bringing over his big tent and picking it back up since we didn’t need it this year, Roy Stillman for the hay wagon stage, and the Shiner’s for playing for gas money. If I missed somebody, I’m sorry, but EVERYONE who was there helped out in some way, and thank you everyone for that! It was an awesome event! We will decide at Augusts’ meeting a benefactor for this years proceed’s.

That brings me to my close. This will be my last newsletter as your President, as term limits have thankfully set in and Norb will be taking office in September. This will be a relief for those of you who have grown tired of my long winded ramblings here. However, I will use this last opportunity to thank each and every Snowseeker member, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart! The last 3 years have flown by, mainly because of the most unselfish members of any organization I have ever belonged to. (And I’ve belonged to quite a few). Yes, we haggle and go back & forth on ideas, and sometimes threaten to quit if we don’t get our way, but, to a tee, we ALL step up when called upon and put our differences aside and get things done. Even the few times when even I, thought, well, that idea or fundraiser or whatever is dead, you, the member’s, always come through and even surprised me a few times! I think the club, as Dave & Lana passed it on to me, is in good shape both physically & financially, as we move forward and pass it on to Norb & crew. Some of our trials & tribulations & highlights, if you will…Fire at The Kaufman House, new social room roof, Benefit Cornhole Tourney, Snowseeker Web-site & FaceBook page, PSSA Show booth last fall, Sled & Quad Raffle, security cameras at clubhouse, clubhouse wiring re-done, new upstairs ladies bathroom, kitchen remodeling phase one complete, the well & water systems now keep up with demand, new garage floor & repairs, and new garage roof. We continue to be a presence in the ANF decision process, (thanks Bones & Tim), we continue to have our Annual event’s like the Canoe Trip, Golf Outing, the aforementioned Thunder, Highland Open Golf Outing, Deer & Bear Camp’s, Thanksgiving Dinner & wood cutting week-end, Breakfast with Santa, and our successful Spring Bash. Our elections are back on schedule with member’s wanting to run for office, we continue to be a 100% PSSA club and continue to meet 12 months of the year. Our new Associate Membership is almost full. Our coffer’s are full, the checkbooks balanced, we don’t owe anybody, and our Charity donations are second to none in this state. If I missed an event or function, I’m sorry, but I think you get what I mean. To say this is a full slate for our 45 or so member’s would be an understatement, and for that you should all be proud! I know I am, and, once again Thank You!

See you at Jim & Lori’s next Thursday, August 7th.

Mark & Sandy



*** Pay your dues & garage spaces ASAP…

*** August 7th, Meeting and cook-out at Jim & Lori’s, eat around 6, meeting to follow, Please bring a covered dish or dessert, and we will finish off our scrumptious leftovers from Thunder! Board meeting moved to September!

***September 4th, Board Meeting at 7p.m., Regular Meeting and installation of new officers at 8:00 p.m., back at the Harmony Moose for winter.

*** September 6th, Annual Snowseeker Highland Open Golf Outing, with tee times starting at 12:02. Please let Bill know if you and your group plan on attending.