Dear Fellow Snowseekers,

Looks like our New Year’s wish has come true, the area has been recently covered with that wonderful white, fluffy stuff called snow. For the next few weeks we will be in the peak of the riding season, and already the stories of weekend rides are starting to spread. Many of us have been out in groups riding and enjoying the ANF, Erie, New York, and Laurel Mountain trials. Within the next month groups are planning to travel to farther away destinations.   Please remember to be safe, have fun, and tell us all about your experiences.

I want to thank all the members who responded and helped make the updated changes to our membership roster. The current list is attached to this newsletter (For Members Only).  There will be some extra copies of the roster available at next month’s meeting for anyone who is interested in having a hard copy.  For those members that do not have access to the internet, the call list is going to be switched over to a group text message instead. This now will allow the notification to go out to all with just one text. We will no longer need members to call one number at a time and leave messages on answering machines.  If you would like to get notifications through text messages please let me know.

At last month’s meeting we discussed having the “fundraiser” chairperson only withdraw once from our fundraising account to start their campaign.  They will need to keep track of all their expenses, ticket sales, and miscellanist costs.  We want to proceed with this in this particular way in order for the chairperson to have the exact profit figure for the final report at the general membership meeting. This will take quite a bit of work off of our treasurer, and will enable the chairperson to have a breakdown of the money coming in, the money going out, and give an exact profit figure. It may take some time for everyone to get used to doing this in this way, but hopefully in the long run it will help with all of the financial question of what and where the money is being spent.

Once again Judy and I are saddened to hear of the two former Snowseekers that are no longer with us. We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the Mary Jane Hyre Family and Judy Brizendine Family.


As Always let’s go out and enjoy the snow.


Dates to Remember:

***February 5, 2015 meeting at the Harmony Moose @ 8pm***