Dear Fellow Snowseekers,

I would like to introduce our new Executive committee and Board members that were elected last month, they will be taking office in September this year. Officers: Pres. Norb Belsterling, Vice Pres. Art Amsler, Treas. Lori Talik, Sec. Mike Steinmetz and our Board Members: Mark Mueller, Scott Thomas, Ken Kelly, David Ford, Richard Hayes.

There was some discussion at the last few meetings about the clubs point system, we will be updating the point system to keep the yearly dues at the current amount which is $100.00 per year for a full member. All members will be responsible to sell there 10 Spring Bash tickets at $20.00 each and 10 Christmas Raffle tickets at $10.00 each. No tickets will be returned, if you don’t want to sell your tickets, then you get to purchase them yourself. If each family in the club would sell 18 tickets for any of the raffles, the club would be sold out of tickets. This is what has been keeping the dues at the current rate for the last few years. It will be going to the board for final approval, and then to general membership for a vote to change the club by-laws. It has been decided to keep it simple and easy to manage.

Our Buildings and Grounds Committee has scheduled a work weekend, May 29-30 at the clubhouse to address some of the repairs needed from last winter. The social room needs a roof replaced and the inside ceiling replaced, along with some other minor repairs. This is when the clubhouse gets a good cleaning and ready for our summer activities. We will also be looking into replacement of the two garage doors, if anyone has some input, please bring it up at the June meeting or get in touch with Scott Thomas.

The club is still looking for a wounded vet, to donate the proceeds from the Black and Gold money raised at the spring bash this year. If anyone knows of somebody that is in need, please summit there name to the club. It was motioned and approved to donate a large portion of our charity fund to Scott Wilkes nephew’s daughter Isabella, she is 4 and has leukemia. The family is struggling and would really appreciate to help. Its time like this that makes you feel proud to belong to such a great club and with outstanding group of people.

The nice weather is finally here and it’s time to get out and enjoy it!


Dates to Remember:
***May 30th, 2015 Work Weekend at the Clubhouse***
***June 4th, 2015 Board Meeting at the Moose @ 7:30 pm***
***June 4th, 2015 Meeting at the Moose @ 8:00 pm***
***July 11th, 2015 Meeting at Walt’s Conneaut Lake 12:00 pm***
***July 24th, – 25th, Thunder in the Forest, at the Clubhouse***
***August 6th, 2015 meeting at Scott Thomas Residence***
***September 3rd, 2015 Meeting at the Harmony Moose @ 8:00 pm***
***October 2nd, 2015 Meeting at the Moose @ 8:00 pa ***
***October 16th, – 18th, PSSA Fall Show West (Pittsburgh) ***