Dear Fellow Snowseekers,

I would like to open this month’s newsletter with some great news, Scott and Sandy have taken the big step and made it official, and they are now Mr. and Mrs. Wilke.  The clubhouse was a great setting, and everyone had a great time.  Special thanks go out to all the members that helped with the setup, cooking, and clean up. It’s nice to see what a great family we have when help is needed for any event.

The general membership was not able to decide on changing and updating the bylaws concerning the points system at last month meeting. However, we were able to form a committee to make the necessary wording changes concerning the point system. Art Amsler, Rich Hayes, and Michael Steimetz are the three on the committee to make our thoughts and ideas come together for the bylaw change. Please get it touch with one of these members to voice your opinion. Because the July’s meeting will be held at Walt’s Tavern we will not be able to vote on this issue due to it being out of the county for the needed voting to pass. But I’m sure it will be discussed with constructive idea, opinions, and comments. I would like to see this voted on by the general membership at the August meeting. This has been dragging out long enough and needs to be updated so we can change the new member and associate member applications.

We had a very low turnout on May 30th for our work weekend; the weather was rainy so not much work was accomplished outside. The inside was cleaned and some of the walls were painted, there was also some plumbing work completed in the one bathroom. Because someone decided to change a shower head and stripped the pipe threads. It took two members most of the day to repair the plumbing problem. Please DO NOT try to repair or change anything, (unless an emergency) without first talking to Building and Grounds personal. Thanks to everyone who made it a priority to be there and once again did a great job.

Things are moving quickly now with the Thunder in the Forest bike rally, it will be here before we know it. If you have not made your reservation for a room, please do so ASAP. Most rooms are already reserved; please call James Carr if you wish to stay at the club house. Also there will be camping sites available for anyone who likes camping. Friday night we will feature the Highland Haven House Band the SHINERS, they always do a great show. Please tell your friends and hang up the flyers, this is a great fundraiser that is guaranteed to have fun.

The Golf Outing this year is set to be on August 29, 2015, please get in touch with Bill Easley if you wish to golf that day. This is always a great weekend, if you haven’t done one now’s your chance.

Both the Bike Run and Golf Outing are looking for door prizes, it would be nice for each member to do a basket or secure a door prize for these events. Theses raffles are one of the biggest contributions to the events, and members are needed to make them successful. So we would appreciate your help please.

Now that the weather is finally cooperating I hope to see a lot of member’s come to our July’s meeting at Walt’s Tavern Conneaut Lake.



Dates to Remember: 

***July 11th, 2015 Meeting at Walt’s Conneaut Lake 12:00 pm***

***July 24th, – 25th, Thunder in the Forest, at the Clubhouse***

***August 6th, 2015 meeting at Scott Thomas Residence***

***August 29th 2015 Golf outing, Contact Bill Easley ***

***September 3rd, 2015 Meeting at the Harmony Moose @ 8:00 pm***

***October 16th, – 18th, PSSA Fall Show West (Pittsburgh) ***

*** Safety Meeting October17th at the fall show ***