Dear Fellow Snowseekers,

Better late than never, the trails are FINALLY snow covered enough to ride! Hopefully you have gotten the opportunity to get out and enjoy it, for Mother Nature is teasing us and sending spring-like temperatures for the next foreseeable days.

We have a new committee within the club called ‘Ways and Means’. The purpose of this committee is to oversee fundraisers and club outings in hopes to help organize the different events we do. The Chairman of the committee is Larry Moiser with the help of Dave Ford, Michael Steinmetz, Rich Hayes, and Jack Belsterling. Our goal is too evenly to help out with some of the work overload that members are doing.

A “Ways and Means Committee” is a government body that is charged with reviewing and making recommendations for organizational budgets.

The Sixth Annual Spring Bash is approaching us soon!  This bash is our biggest event in the spring that raises money to maintain our clubhouse and help keep our yearly dues down.  All members should have received their tickets; it is extremely important to sell these tickets to make this event a success. Last year we ended up with 200+ tickets returned the day of the event by members who didn’t sell them.  You have three months to sell, so please make it a goal to sell more than just your given tickets. This makes the event more successful and fun while [most importantly] keeping our dues down! If you have not received your allotted amount of tickets or need more, please get in touch with Jim Wright or Scott Wilke.

We are still in need of a candidate for the Breast Cancer or the Wounded Veteran funds the club had raised last year. If you know of a local person that would need or appreciate our help, please bring their information to our next meeting. We can then move forward and decide/disperse the funds.

I have upsetting news to make you all aware of, Ken and Sherry Kelly, lost their home and belongings in a fire early Monday morning.  Thankfully they were able to get out safely, however, they did have a pet perish in the fire.  I am sure they are aware that we (The PA Snowseekers) are all willing to help in any way possible.

As Always Think Snow,


Dates to Remember:

***February 4, 2016 Board Meeting @ the Harmony Moose 7:00pm***

***February 4th 2016 General Membership Meeting @ the Harmony Moose @ 8pm***

***March 3rd 2016 General Membership Meeting @ the Harmony Moose @ 8pm***

***April 7th 2016 General Membership Meeting @ the Harmony Moose @ 8pm***

***May 5th 2016 General Membership Meeting @ the Harmony Moose @ 8pa***

*** May 7th 2016 6th Annual Spring Bash @ St. Ferdinand Church