Dear Fellow Snowseekers,

Spring has finally begun and we now have longer days and milder weather. It will soon be time to winterize your snowmobiles, put them away, and break out the lawn mowers and other summer toys. I hope everybody is getting ready for our big fundraiser approaching rather quickly. We only have a few weeks left to make everything come together and ensure this year’s event to be a success once again.

The most important task that requires all of our efforts is to continue to sell, sell, and sell even more tickets. We need to have every ticket sold before the event on May 7th 2016. The biggest setback has been, and always will be, MEMBERS that show up at the fundraiser with unsold tickets. Please let us know if you are having trouble selling your allotted 10 tickets. We have other members that are able to sell or buy more tickets, and can help ensure that every ticket is sold before the date of the event.

Everyone has neighbors, relatives, friends, business associates, or someone who may owe you a favor that will buy a ticket. This is a great fundraiser that shows what a small group of snowmobile enthusiast can do when we all work together.

Ginny and Joni are still looking for donations for the Chinese auction, lottery tree, and gift card baskets. These two ladies put a lot of time and effort into this event, and help raise a lot of money for our charities, so please HELP SUPPORT THEM. At the next meeting bring a couple of lottery tickets, gift cards, or anything else of value and watch these two work their magic. If you are creative, or have a passion for making gift baskets, then please go ahead and show us your talent by crafting a gift basket of your own. Not only will you impress everyone with your hidden skills, but I know Ginny and Joni would greatly appreciate your help.

We are still looking for donation candidates for both the Breast Cancer Poker Run ($750) and the Charity Fund. Both are available for club friends, families, or others in need. These donations are capped at $200. Please contact Jinny Kline or Joanie Eastley with any nominations.

The General membership has approved the bylaw change for our dues and point system. We still have a couple of issues that need to be added to the changes. There will be a short board meeting to iron out the minor details, and hopefully we will have a final decision on these additions. They will be presented to the general membership; first in the newsletter, and then voted on by our membership at the May meeting. These will be the final changes, and the new bylaws will be available to all who want a copy upon request, (all members who receive there newsletter via email will receive a copy). This has been a long and overdue process, and I would like to thank the members who have continuously worked on this matter in order to make it happen.

The clubhouse and social room have had a leaky roof over the past few years, and it was determined that a new roof is needed. We will be taking bids for this construction. The building and grounds committee would like to have all bids in by March 31, 2016 in order to award a contractor with the job and schedule the work to be completed this summer. If anyone knows someone that would be interested in submitting a bid, please get in touch with Dave Ford or Scott Thomas. Also, keep in mind that the club has determined that we need a company that will warranty their work.

Any member who has not turned in your ticket money from our Christmas raffle please do so ASAP. We would like to get this finalized to see where we stand with this particular raffle.

I would like to thank Art Amsler and our elected officers for filling in for me at the last meeting.

Someone said there was snow in Michigan and I was required to check it out. This has been the first meeting that I have missed since I joined back in Feb 2, 2002.

The winner of the 50/50 was Ken Kelly. Congratulations!

With the closing of this newsletter, I always end with “As Always Think Snow,” however now that the weather is getting milder my closing line will need to change with the weather. So with that being said, Get out there and enjoy the nice weather, Norb

Dates to Remember:
***April 7th 2016 Short Board Meeting @ the Harmony Moose @ 7:45 pm***
***April 7th 2016 General Membership Meeting @ the Harmony Moose @ 8 pm***
***May 5th 2016 General Membership Meeting @ the Harmony Moose @ 8 pm***
*** May 7th 2016 6th Annual Spring Bash @ St. Ferdinand Church***
***Summer Meeting locations or dates have not been decided yet***