Dear Fellow Snowseekers,

For some of our members the snowmobile riding season started a couple of weeks ago, with the lake effect snow kicking in hard around some of the Northern Pa and Southwestern NY areas. The trails were open in some places for a few days, but the recent warm temperatures have shut them down again. For the few members that traveled and endured the frigid temperatures I only have one thing to say, “Ride on my friends the best is yet to come”.

If you were at the last month’s meeting there was some discussion about getting WI-FI and a snow cam at our clubhouse, we really didn’t have enough facts or figures to make a solid decision on this matter at that time. We will have a brief discussion at the next meeting before I turn it over to the Ways and Means committee for their recommendations to the general membership for a vote. If you are not able to make next month’s meeting and have some input on this matter, get in touch with someone from that committee, and express your views.

Once again the Breakfast with Santa was a very big success, I would like to say THANKS to the members who show up each year to help and make it so nice for the children. Also, some of the members took up a collection for Santa who uses the money to help a family in need around our area. This is one of the things that make our club so special; our members are always looking to help people and families in need. This is one of the many times when I am proud to say, I am a PA SNOWSEEKER”.

As in the past years, and again this year, members will be going to camp for New Years Eve, (which works out perfect because it falls on a Saturday), also the weather man is predicting snow. It would be nice to see a full clubhouse and also our groomer out working this weekend, cross your fingers.

The tickets for the Spring Bash next April 29, 2017 have been printed and passed out to the members. If you have not received your tickets or if you need more please get in touch with Scott Wilke or Jim Wright. This year’s dues will be based off of your ticket sales, similar to the point system in the past. So get out there and sell, sell, sell.
See you at the meeting,

Dates to Remember:
***January 5, 2017 Board Meeting @ Harmony Moose 7:30pm***
***January 5, 2017 General Membership Meeting @ Harmony Moose 8:00pm***
***January 15, 2017 Trails open in the State Game Lands***
***February 2, 2017 General Membership Meeting @ Harmony Moose 8:00pm***
***March 2, 2017 General Membership Meeting @ Harmony Moose 8:00pm***
***April 6,2017 General Membership Meeting @ Harmony Moose 8:00pm***
***April 29, 2017 Spring Bash @ St. Ferdinand’s Social Hall***