Dear Fellow Snowseekers,

Well, I would like to tell you that the winter is in full swing and snow is everywhere, but this year has started out a little slow in our area. However, by the looks of the forecast we should be in for a little snow in the next few weeks.
For all members who are unaware the Highland Hotel has burned down. Fortunately everyone got out safe, such a sad piece of history gone, hopefully they will rebuild. If anyone is interesting in helping out Bob and Nikki I do believe there is a Gofund me account.

Our Spring Bash is approaching fast; hopefully everyone is selling their tickets. If you are in need of more tickets please get in contact with Scott Wilke or Jim Wright. This will affect you total cost of your dues in June, this is going to be the first year in quite a while that we will be using the point system! Again this year Ginny Kline is in need of items for her Chinese Auction. This is a great asset at our Spring Bash. I have enclosed a list of the items that will help Ginny make her baskets a success. Also any members who would like to donate completed baskets or baskets in general will help her immensely.

We will be developing a new SOP (standard operating procedure) for evacuation of the club house in case of an emergency. Any one that is staying at the club house is reminded to use the evacuation routes that are listed in the rooms. Also if you have guest staying at the club house it is very important to take a few moments to orient those with the fire evacuation procedures.

Think Snow,

Dates to Remember:
***February 2, 2017 General Membership Meeting @ Harmony Moose 8:00pm***
***March 2, 2017 Membership Meeting at the Harmony Moose at 8:00 pm***
***April 6, 20017 General Membership Meeting @ Harmony Moose 8:00pm***
***April 29, 2017 Spring Bash @ St. Ferdinand’s Social Hall***