April 2015

Dear Fellow Snowseekers,

I would like to open this month’s newsletter with an important reminder that our big fundraiser is coming up very soon. We have less than a couple weeks to have everything come together and make it a success again this year.  But there is still a lot of work to be done, so let’s get started.  The most important tasks that requires all of our efforts is to continue to sell, sell, sell, and sell more tickets.  We need to have every ticket sold before the event on April 11, 2015. Over the past years we have had a few tickets that were unsold before this date, and luckily we were able to sell those at the door.  The biggest setback has been, and always will be, MEMBERS that show up the day of the fundraiser with unsold tickets.  Please, if you are having trouble selling the allotted 10 tickets let us know.  We have members that are able to buy or sell more tickets, and can help get every seat filled.   Everybody has neighbors, family relatives, friends, business associates, or someone who owes you a favor, therefore sell them a ticket. This is a great event to show everyone what a small group of snowmobile enthusiast can do when we all work together.

Ginny and Joni are still looking for donations for the Chinese auction, lottery tree, and gift card baskets. These two ladies put a lot of time and effort into the event, and help raise the most money with their raffles so please help support them.  Bring a couple of lottery tickets, gift cards, or anything of any value and watch these two make it work. If you are creative, or have a passion for making gift baskets then please go ahead and show us your talent by crafting a gift basket of your own.  Not only will you impress everyone with your skills, but I know Ginny and Joni would also greatly appreciate the help.  At the last meeting we decided that the Black and Gold Vet Fundraiser we do every year will still continue this year, however instead of donating the money to an organization we will give the money to a local vet in need.  If anybody knows of someone please let us know.  We will be deciding who to make the donation to in the near future.

Help is needed with the set-up and food preparation before the event, during the event, and after the event. Most of the details will be discussed at this month’s meeting so please attend.  If you cannot make the meeting then contact Jim Wright. If you are unable to make it to the event due to work schedule or a prior commitment, we still need help with the set up the night before and all of Saturday.    It would be nice to see some of our shyer members faces

Something new will be happening at the end of our club outings and gatherings.  Drew Amsler is preparing a slide show presentation, with the help of Mike Steinmetz, which will display some of our club’s most memorable moments.  If you have any photos on your smartphone that you wish to share, then please bring your phone and cord with you to the meeting in order for Drew to download these photos onto his laptop. Drew will also be updating our website and is looking for photos for that.  Please share any snowmobile pictures, as well as any of our functions’ pictures.  Contributing pictures to slideshow and website will also help Sandy with this year’s Club Yearbook.  She will have access to the photos and will be able to print any she needs.  If you want to share a picture for the Yearbook, or be on the BIG screen then this is your chance.

The Good Friday shoot this year is April 3, the day after our meeting.  If you plan to attend please call Dean Cercone ASAP.  He needs a count for the shooting range in order for them to have enough staff and food for our group.  This is always a great outing with fellow members and friends each year.

I would like take this time to welcome the Braden family that has recently joined our Club.  Brian and his wife Erin have two children Abby and Griffin.  Please introduce yourself the next time you see them and make them feel welcomed.

I want to let everyone know that one of our founding members, Dale Kline, is in the hospital.  Dale recently had a stroke and also suffered a heart attack, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  We all wish for him to make a speedy recovery.

Since I started writing the newsletter in September I always closed with “Think Snow” or “Let it Snow.”  Now that we are approaching the spring and summer seasons my closing line will need a small altercation.  With that being said…

“Get out and enjoy the mild weather”


Dates to Remember:

***April 2, 2015 Board Meeting at the Harmony Moose @ 7:00***
***April 2, 2015 meeting at the Harmony Moose @ 8pm***
***April 3, 2015 Good Friday Shoot contact Dean Cercone***
***April 11, 2015 Spring Fund Raiser @ St Ferdinad’s Social Hall***
***April 18, 2015 PSSA’s Annual Membership Conference and Awards***
***June 27, 2015 Scott and Sandy Wedding @ Clubhouse***

March 2015

Dear Fellow Snowseekers,

We would like to begin this month’s newsletter by congratulating Rich Hayes who has accepted the position of District Regional Director.  We will be sending out a formal letter to the PSSA and Pymatuning Trail Blazers to make Rich’s position official.  Rich is very active with our trail system, he has worked with the ANF, PSSA, and State Officials with many problems concerning not only the trails, but also many other club related issues.  Thank you Richie for volunteering more of your valuable time so that we may better our club with knowledge and resolve any issues. We are proud of you and know that you will do a great job representing our club and district.

Updates to be aware of:
1.) The new fire escape routes designed for the clubhouse.  These new routes will be posted in every upstairs rooms. Please take the time to review and know these new escape routes, and instruct any guests or family members staying at the clubhouse to do the same.  Knowing the new exit routes will help ensure that members and non-members exit the clubhouse as safely as possible in case of emergency.  If occupying another member’s room, make sure you leave the room in the same condition as how it was prior to the stay.  Also please make note that members are responsible for their guests at the club house.

2.) Darryl and Dennis Miller have applied for room 9 and it was awarded to them.

Good news!  Our Annual Spring Bash fundraiser is approaching rather quickly.  I would like to remind everyone that Ginny is still in need of items and gift cards to be donated for the many wonderful baskets she creates to be raffled.  Joni is requesting lottery tickets for the lottery tree, along with black and gold items for her Wounded Veteran’s Basket.  Please be generous, these baskets that Ginny and Joni construct help provide for the monetary funds that are raised during this event for our charities.

In the past, this fundraiser has proven to be very successful for our club.  It helps tremendously with the expenses that are accrued to maintain the club house, but also with keeping the dues for club members to a minimum.  With that being said it is vital that ALL members make the best effort to sell all, if not more, than their designated tickets.  If you do sell all of your tickets and need additional tickets, please contact Scott Wilke or Jim Wright.  Please bring all sold tickets to this month’s meeting.  SELL SELL SELL!!!

I wish to thank everyone in advance for their cooperation and help with this event.  Remember, this annual fundraiser not only helps our club, but also the many charities that we are able to donate to from the raffle baskets that Ginny and Joni take the time and effort to put together.

“Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts”

Lastly, it is devastating that once again I am writing to you with a heavy heart.  The PA Snowseekers recently lost a great, kind, long-time member and friend.  Mr. John Hart passed away on February 18, 2015.  Judy and I would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the Hart Family.

As Always let’s go out and enjoy the snow.



Dates to Remember:

***March 5, 2015 Board Meeting at the Harmony Moose @ 7:30***
***March 5, 2015 General Membership Meeting at the Harmony Moose @ 8pm***
***March 14, 2015 St. Patrick’s Day party @ Clubhouse***
***April 3, 2015 Good Friday Shoot contact Dean Cercone***
***April 11, 2015 Spring Fund Raiser @ St Ferdinand’s Social Hall***
***June 27, 2015 Scott and Sandy Wedding @ Clubhouse***


February 2015

Dear Fellow Snowseekers,

Looks like our New Year’s wish has come true, the area has been recently covered with that wonderful white, fluffy stuff called snow. For the next few weeks we will be in the peak of the riding season, and already the stories of weekend rides are starting to spread. Many of us have been out in groups riding and enjoying the ANF, Erie, New York, and Laurel Mountain trials. Within the next month groups are planning to travel to farther away destinations.   Please remember to be safe, have fun, and tell us all about your experiences.

I want to thank all the members who responded and helped make the updated changes to our membership roster. The current list is attached to this newsletter (For Members Only).  There will be some extra copies of the roster available at next month’s meeting for anyone who is interested in having a hard copy.  For those members that do not have access to the internet, the call list is going to be switched over to a group text message instead. This now will allow the notification to go out to all with just one text. We will no longer need members to call one number at a time and leave messages on answering machines.  If you would like to get notifications through text messages please let me know.

At last month’s meeting we discussed having the “fundraiser” chairperson only withdraw once from our fundraising account to start their campaign.  They will need to keep track of all their expenses, ticket sales, and miscellanist costs.  We want to proceed with this in this particular way in order for the chairperson to have the exact profit figure for the final report at the general membership meeting. This will take quite a bit of work off of our treasurer, and will enable the chairperson to have a breakdown of the money coming in, the money going out, and give an exact profit figure. It may take some time for everyone to get used to doing this in this way, but hopefully in the long run it will help with all of the financial question of what and where the money is being spent.

Once again Judy and I are saddened to hear of the two former Snowseekers that are no longer with us. We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the Mary Jane Hyre Family and Judy Brizendine Family.


As Always let’s go out and enjoy the snow.


Dates to Remember:

***February 5, 2015 meeting at the Harmony Moose @ 8pm***







January 2015

Dear Fellow Snowseekers,

First thing I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year.  May the coming months bring you all good health, wealth, and good times with family and friends.  Most importantly let the new year bring a few snowy months to make 2015 a great snowmobile season!

Looking back over the past month, it was one of our busiest months of the year.  With that being said let’s get started with some of the highlights.

Our Christmas meeting began the Holiday season.  We had quite a few great gifts for the raffle and I would like to thank all who donated gifts.  Not only was it a fun meeting, it also raised more than $300.00 towards Ginny’s charities.

December also held the PSSA Power Sports Show West.  Many of our club members that were able to attend the show enjoyed the many booths and displays.  There were great deals on clothing, accessories, trailers, and a look at the new sleds for 2015. Also there was the opportunity to meet some of our neighboring clubs in the area, and speak with them about their trails, clubhouses, and outings. Our safety instructors Art and Jack did a great job again this year, and had a nice size class of eager young snowmobilers interested in learning how to operate a snowmobile safely. Our booth had to be one of the best ones at the show, not only was it a great location, but they also gave us a larger spot than some of the others. Thanks to all the members who helped with the planning, booth set up, ticket sales, and cleanup.  There are too many names of all the volunteers to list, but I am very appreciative to those who were able to help.  Cannot wait to start planning again for next year’s show.

We can’t forget our Breakfast with Santa.  For all those who welcomed Santa, this year had to be one of our best turn outs yet.  We had close to 30 children and twice as many adults at the breakfast, and everyone young and old had a good time. It was nice to see so many of our members’ family and friends.  There were even a few founding members that attended breakfast.  Again many thanks to all the members who helped make it a successful breakfast and memorable time for the children.

Congratulations goes to this year’s winner of our fall raffle Jay Wack, hopefully he picks the new Polaris snowmobile, and comes out with us riding.

There has also been some improvements at the clubhouse recently, we now have a new wood burner in the social room which was badly needed and a new TV in the living room.

Judy and I would like to express our deepest sympathy and condolences to The Craig Hocanson’s Family.   Craig’s father-in-law passed away on December 26, 2014.  May you take comfort in knowing that an angel is watching over you and your family.

As Always Think Snow


Dates to Remember:

***January 8th meeting at the Harmony Moose @ 8pm***

December 2014

Dear Fellow Snowseekers,

I would like to open this month’s newsletter with great news!  There is snow in the area!!!! Even though the trail systems aren’t open until December 14th, any members with decent sized back yards may have already enjoyed their first ride of the season.

To continue with the upbeat news, the club held the Thanksgiving Neighborhood Dinner and work weekend on November 8th.  We had an exceptional turnout of members and non-members that pulled together and helped with the wood cutting, cooking, club house and garage maintenance.  We were able to cut and stack all the fire wood for the season, repair the roof of the social room, along with having the tile work in the men’s bathroom completed.  To add to the list of improvements, the garage had electrical updates and was cleaned, which allows room for four more sleds this season!  Also we no longer have problems with cell phone service inside our clubhouse thanks to the new equipment that was installed.   The highlight of the weekend was of course our Thanksgiving dinner which was exceptional.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to make the dinner and work weekend a great success.

Our December 4 meeting, as always, will be our Christmas meeting. Please bring unwrapped gifts in the amount of $5.00 or more.  These gifts will then be raffled off throughout the meeting.  The money raised will go to the Salvation Army’s Needy Children.  Also since it’s the season of giving we would like members to donate can goods, baking supplies, cereal, hygiene products, disposal diapers, or cash donations in order to bring more merriment to those less fortunate.  Please be generous so we can help the families that find themselves in need with the upcoming holidays.

This year’s breakfast with Santa will be held Saturday, December 20th at 9:30 am until 11:30 am.  Location will be St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 215 North Main Street, Zelienople.  Please fill out the reservation flyer that was sent in October and return to Loretta Hayes or email as soon as possible.  The information that is needed is Number of Adults Attending____, Child’s or Children’s Name ________ with their ages, _____ and Gift suggestions_______.  This is free to Snowseekers’ children and grandchildren. The cost is $10.00 to any non-members to cover a gift.

Once again I would like to mention the PSSA Power Sports Show West.  This will be held in Monroeville at the Expose Center December 12th thru the 14th.  Please contact Scott Wilke if you can volunteer your time, or have any pics from the ANF, to make this event another Snowseeker achievement.  We are looking for items for donation to create a gift basket.  Joni will be working her magic with these items in order to create a one-of-a-kind basket to be raffled off at our booth the last day of the show.

Last but not least, everyone should have received their tickets for the Snowmobile/Quad Raffle and the Spring Bash.  Please make every effort to sell ALL the tickets that you have received, these two events have proven to benefit our club house immensely.

Judy and I would like to express our deepest Sympathy and Condolences to The Dave Ford Family and The Scott Thomas Family. Dave’s Mother passed away on November 16, 2014 and Scott Thomas’s Father passed away on November 23, 2014.  May your heart and soul find comfort and peace it needs during this time in your lives.

As Always Think Snow


Dates to Remember:

***December 4th, Christmas meeting at the Harmony Moose @ 8pm***

***December 12th thru the 14th PSSA Power Sports Show West***

***December 14th trails open***

***December 20th Breakfast with Santa***

July 2014

Hello All!

By the time this reaches you, we will be through July with another summer waning and a new snowmobile season fast approaching. Hard to believe!

On July 12th, a meeting was held at Walt’s Tavern in Conneaut and hosted by the McHugh’s. This was our second meeting at Walt’s and was attended by some 40 Snowseeker’s and friends. We had a good cookout on a splendid day and even managed to get some things done, after which we enjoyed a boat ride on beautiful Conneaut Lake and a bon-fire at the McHugh’s later. Thank you Mike and Lauraine for hosting and Walt’s for providing camping and the meeting pavilion! While we were busy at the meeting, Scott Thomas & Bruce Moody were at the clubhouse mowing & weed wacking in prep for Thunder weekend, so I guess I’ll have to excuse them from attending…Thank’s guy’s!

As a friendly reminder, your annual due’s are due in July and will be late in September. Please see Loretta and take care of this ASAP. Same goes for all garage space holders. Thank you!

Bill Eastly has set our Annual Highland Open Golf Outing at Kane Country Club for September 6th, with tee times starting at 12:02. Please let Bill know if you and your group plan on attending. This is always a good time and another Snowseeker tradition.

PSSA will be hosting a 2 separate Powersport Show’s this fall, the usual East show October 24th through the 26th in York, Pa., and an additional West show in Monroeville on December 12th through the 14th. This is the same show we had a booth at last year in Lebanon, PA., where we learned a lot. The event is under new management and should be a lot more convenient for Snowseeker’s to attend. I would hope the club will have a display at least at the West show in Monroeville. We will need some help with display ideas, transporting, and set-up. We certainly have enough memorabilia and what not to fill up several booths. I’m sure Norb will have more on this soon. Please think about it!

Next years Spring Bash will take place once again at St. Ferdinand’s on Saturday, April 11th.

We are still looking into getting Wi-Fi at the clubhouse for your phone service. Michael will have more on this soon.

Speaking of Michael, the club just completed hosting the 9th Annual ‘Thunder in the Forest’, and I would have to say it was the best one yet. Even Mother nature co-operated, except for a brief bike wash early Saturday morning. From the set-up Friday morning, to the registration, to the Friday cook-out, welcome party and Shiner’s playing Friday night, to the Saturday morning breakfast, the actual ride, the post ride dinner, and the prize hand-out, and even the clean-up, everything went off with-out a hitch. The crowd we now have returning every year are all good people and can’t wait to participate, with some even scheduling their vacations around it. This speaks volumes about this important fund raiser and every member who participated should be proud of this event. Even Michael, who is usually ready to pull his remaining hair out by Sunday, was already planning next years. Although everyone who was there helped, I would like to thank Jim Wright for food shopping & cooking breakfast Saturday, Dean Cercone & the whole Saturday crew who didn’t ride, for the excellent food prep and Saturday dinner, James & Christina for room assignment, Lana & Dave for tirelessly working the registration, Dean Wack for prize handout work, Sandy Mueller for organizing the silent auction & pre-cleaning the clubhouse, Ken Kelly for route lay-out & poker hand draw, Rick from James City Cafe’ for bringing over his big tent and picking it back up since we didn’t need it this year, Roy Stillman for the hay wagon stage, and the Shiner’s for playing for gas money. If I missed somebody, I’m sorry, but EVERYONE who was there helped out in some way, and thank you everyone for that! It was an awesome event! We will decide at Augusts’ meeting a benefactor for this years proceed’s.

That brings me to my close. This will be my last newsletter as your President, as term limits have thankfully set in and Norb will be taking office in September. This will be a relief for those of you who have grown tired of my long winded ramblings here. However, I will use this last opportunity to thank each and every Snowseeker member, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart! The last 3 years have flown by, mainly because of the most unselfish members of any organization I have ever belonged to. (And I’ve belonged to quite a few). Yes, we haggle and go back & forth on ideas, and sometimes threaten to quit if we don’t get our way, but, to a tee, we ALL step up when called upon and put our differences aside and get things done. Even the few times when even I, thought, well, that idea or fundraiser or whatever is dead, you, the member’s, always come through and even surprised me a few times! I think the club, as Dave & Lana passed it on to me, is in good shape both physically & financially, as we move forward and pass it on to Norb & crew. Some of our trials & tribulations & highlights, if you will…Fire at The Kaufman House, new social room roof, Benefit Cornhole Tourney, Snowseeker Web-site & FaceBook page, PSSA Show booth last fall, Sled & Quad Raffle, security cameras at clubhouse, clubhouse wiring re-done, new upstairs ladies bathroom, kitchen remodeling phase one complete, the well & water systems now keep up with demand, new garage floor & repairs, and new garage roof. We continue to be a presence in the ANF decision process, (thanks Bones & Tim), we continue to have our Annual event’s like the Canoe Trip, Golf Outing, the aforementioned Thunder, Highland Open Golf Outing, Deer & Bear Camp’s, Thanksgiving Dinner & wood cutting week-end, Breakfast with Santa, and our successful Spring Bash. Our elections are back on schedule with member’s wanting to run for office, we continue to be a 100% PSSA club and continue to meet 12 months of the year. Our new Associate Membership is almost full. Our coffer’s are full, the checkbooks balanced, we don’t owe anybody, and our Charity donations are second to none in this state. If I missed an event or function, I’m sorry, but I think you get what I mean. To say this is a full slate for our 45 or so member’s would be an understatement, and for that you should all be proud! I know I am, and, once again Thank You!

See you at Jim & Lori’s next Thursday, August 7th.

Mark & Sandy



*** Pay your dues & garage spaces ASAP…

*** August 7th, Meeting and cook-out at Jim & Lori’s, eat around 6, meeting to follow, Please bring a covered dish or dessert, and we will finish off our scrumptious leftovers from Thunder! Board meeting moved to September!

***September 4th, Board Meeting at 7p.m., Regular Meeting and installation of new officers at 8:00 p.m., back at the Harmony Moose for winter.

*** September 6th, Annual Snowseeker Highland Open Golf Outing, with tee times starting at 12:02. Please let Bill know if you and your group plan on attending.

9th Annual Thunder in the Forest

PA Snowseekers 9th Annual
Motorcycle Poker Run

All vehicles are welcome to participate in the run!


Pre-Run Party / Registration Friday July 25th Live Entertainment


PA Snowseekers Club House,
The Highland Haven
(814) 837 – 6437
Highland Corners, PA

Poker Run Saturday July 26th Registration
Breakfast Served from 8:00 AM > 10:00 AM
First Bike out at 10:00 AM
Leaving from and ending at the Highland Haven (PA Snowseekers Clubhouse)
Post Run Dinner – Prizes, Silent Auction, 50/50 and Raffle

Overnight Lodging / Showers available 7/25 & 7/26 (first come first served)
(you must bring your own towels and sleeping bags)
Tent space available – $5.00 per night per person + Ride and Post Run Dinner charge

 *WEEKEND PACKAGE $65 Single Rider / $75 Couple

Live Entertainment, Pre Run Party, Registration on 7/25,
Registration, Breakfast, Poker Run, and Dinner on 7/26

$35 Single Rider / $45 Couple

Room Reservations:
TEXT or call James Carr 724-462-4152 

Questions contact:
First come, first serve reservations.

In the event the clubhouse is booked
Marienville Microtel 814-927-8300
Regular rates apply

May 2014

Hello Once Again Snowseekers,

Once again, I will combine 2 months of newsletter’s, as I, just like you all, are just too busy this time of year!

With our annual elections of officers last month at May’s meeting, I am pleased to announce our 2015 Board of Directors and Officers:

President: Norb Belsterling
Vice-President: Art Amsler
Secretary: Sandy Harris
Treasurer: Loretta Hayes
Board of Directors: Dave Ford, Jack Belsterling, Ken Kelly, Scott Thomas, and Mark Mueller.

We had a very good turnout for elections with a lot of member’s running for office. Thank you too all members who ran! It is a very important part of any successful club, as new & fresh ideas are needed, along with some rest for the weary! The new officers and board will start their terms this September.

Well, once again we pulled off our major fundraiser of the year, our 4th Annual Spring Bash, and once again we topped ourselves and had the best one ever. All tickets that were available were sold, the food was plentiful and delicious, and Ginny’s charity baskets were once again a huge hit. I would have to say that we as a club should definitely plan on this annual event once again next year, as it’s just too good a time to pass up. Yes, a lot of work, but once again we turned it into a good time, which is the Snowseeker way! Thank you all who attended, sold tickets, (50/50, Bash Tickets, Basket Tickets, etc.), worked the door, the kitchen, clean-up, set-up, donated prizes, time & covered dishes & desserts, drove around getting last minute item’s, and our MC, Jay Wack, it was an outstanding effort by all and you all should be commended for it. We will now replenish our coffer’s along with our club’s Charity account and enjoy the fruits of our labor. A special thank you has to go out to our chairpersons, Scott & Sandy Wilke and Jim & Cathy Wright, who continue to tweak the Bash for it’s continued success, and, of course, Ginny Kline, for her endless pursuit of basket items and Lottery Tree tickets. Thank you all!

Our major fundraiser also let’s us do things like the garage roof replacement, scheduled for this past weekend, May 31st. The roof was installed along with the trim & soffit & fascia. We also installed ridge vent and gable vents, along with some painting and touching up. With the cement poured last spring, the garage is looking good for the foreseeable future!  Breakfast & dinner were provided from leftovers from the Bash.

Our summer meeting schedule is set, with Junes to be held at the Everett’s, 301 Knox Ave., Ellwood City 16117, on June 5th, Julys will be back at Walts on Conneaut lake July 12th at noon, and Augusts’ will be back at Jim & Lori’s. Please keep in mind the date & venue change for July’s meeting, due to the 4th of July holiday. Walt’s is the same place we had last year at his pavilion out back. Camping is available for free, or make other arrangements on your own. As usual, the club will provide grill fare, please bring covered dish or dessert to share at these meetings! Thanks to the Everett’s, Walt’s, & Hart’s for hosting!!

In other club news, we have once again made a nice donation to the Highland Township Fire Department. Jim & Terri Everett were awarded room #19. Loretta is looking into Wi-Fi at the club, for our phones and future snow-cam, and the clubhouse was once again recently treated by Terminex as per our contract with them. Sandy Harris found a set of keys in the backyard of the club-house, as of yet unclaimed.

In trail news, work will be performed on Trail #15 with trees being removed. Gas will again be available this coming winter at Graybil’s, with some more trail work to be done behind there. The groomers are under a 5 year contract, with 4 more years to go…

The Annual Clarion River Canoe trip is scheduled for June 14th. Call Derek Hayes to reserve yours or for more info.

Our 9th Annual Thunder in the Forest Motorcycle Run is on for July 26th, with the Shiners returning to entertain us. I’m sure Michael & committee will have more on this soon.

That’s about it for this month and next. We hope to see you this weekend at camp, next week at the Everett’s, or July 12th at Walt’s. Have a safe and happy summer everyone!

Mark & Sandy

April 2014

Hello Snowseeker’s,

April brings to close the 2014 riding season and with it another busy summer season for the Snowseeker’s.

At the May 1st meeting at the Harmony Moose, we will hold our yearly elections with the new officers taking office in September. The President position will be open as required by our by-laws and the 3 year limit for this office. Also, Sandy Harris will be looking for a replacement as she will be stepping down after 5 years of Secretarial duties. Please consider running for 1 of these open positions or for any office or the Board of Directors. All it takes is a nomination from one of your fellow Snowseeker’s.

May 10th will also bring us our 4th Annual Spring Bash Raffle, once again at St. Ferdinand Church in Cranberry Twp. This is only 2 weeks from when you receive this newsletter. This continues to be our major fundraiser for the year. Are you or have you done your part to help support your snowmobile club? While most of the tickets have been handed out, there are still a lot of monies that need turned in before the Bash. Please make sure to sell your allotment of tickets or let Scott & Sandy or Jim & Cathy know where you stand with your sales. We need to try our best and sell ALL tickets this year.

Ginny and the Charity Committee ask all member’s to contribute to the “Bags, Boxes, and Baskets” Chinese auction. The following is included at their request:

We still need items, complete baskets, gift cards and lottery tickets.






Thank you to Jim Wright and Dave Ford for the cash donations at the last meeting.  Also thanks to Scott & Tina Thomas, Doug & Debbie Kyes, Loretta & Sandy, and my husband (who doesn’t realize how much he has donated so far) and to the many friends that have given me so much stuff.

We have a basket with a Kindle e-reader, a large Pittsburgh Pirate Basket, and lots of items to fill baskets.   Thanks Sue, June & Bill, Audrey , and Scott & Tina’s Mothers.

Joni and I couldn’t do this without your help. 

Please be sure and set some time aside and help out with these auction item’s, and of course, with your own ticket sales. We will once again make our 4th Annual Cash Bash a success, and thank you all in advance!

Norb and the House Committee awarded Room #1 to Ken & Sherry Kelly and Room #5 to James Carr. This is your notice that Room #19 is available. Please let Norb or committee know if you would like this room for your use. Thank you Norb and Committee!

On clubhouse issues, the kitchen exhaust fan was repaired, thank you Rich & Lenny. The upstairs ladies room nears completion with the wall mirror purchased from Don’s Glass and installed Trout Weekend. It look’s awesome. We will continue to look for a glass shower door, however, this seems to be a high dollar item due to it’s custom size. Thank you to all involved in it’s remodeling!

It was decided to move forward with the metal roof for the garage. Please think about color and a decision will be made at May’s meeting.

We had a good turnout for Trout Season opener on April 12th, with limited co-operation from the trout. It was good to see activity at the clubhouse and some much needed yard work and sprucing up accomplished. Also, as in years past, the clubhouse was used by Highland Township Saturday afternoon for tax collection.  While cleaning up the yard, Sandy Harris found a set of keys with 3 Theodore house key’s along with a camp gas pump key and another Master lock key. Are they yours?

May should be our last indoor Monthly meeting at the Harmony Moose, that is, if we can get someone to host our Summer Meeting schedule, which is normally June, July, and August and, in recent years, September. Please consider hosting a meeting this summer.

In close, please consider running for office on May 1st. it is your chance to make a difference!

See you then!

Mark & Sandy


—May 1st -  Board Meeting @ 7:00pm, Regular Meeting & Elections, 8:00 pm @ Harmony Moose

—May 10th – 4th Annual Spring Bash Raffle, St. Ferdinand Church, Cranberry Twp., PA. Please see Ginny or Joni about Basket Raffles, Scott or Jim about covered dishes, set-up, clean up, or kitchen help, and of course, Sell, Sell, SELL those remaining ticket’s of yours…

—June 5th -  Monthly Meeting & cook-out at your house???

—June 14th – Annual Clarion River Canoe Trip, see Derrick Hayes

—July 10th – Monthly Meeting @ Walt’s in Conneaut or at your place??? Date change 1 week later due to 4th of July holiday

—July 26th -  Annual Thunder in the Forest Motorcycle Poker Run,  Michael Steinmetz, Chairperson



February / March 2014

Hello All,
As some of you may or may not have noticed, this months rendition is a combined newsletter for February and March.  This is due to just too much snowmobiling going on last month on my part! Going forward, it may be in the clubs best interest to keep this every other month news brief, due to mailing cost, time constraints, etc…Please let me know your feelings.

In clubhouse news, this is your notice that Room #1 and Room #5 are available for member’s in good standing to apply for. Please see Norb Belsterling or a House Committee member if you are interested in either of these rooms. The club has also decided to move forward with the garage roof replacement with a metal roof system. This will be discussed at Aprils meeting and a decision will be made on where to purchase, with installation starting likely in May. Please give Scott Thomas any info, input, or pricing before Aprils meeting.

The Snowseeker’s will hold their annual election of club officers at our regular meeting on May 1st. It’s not too early to consider running for office and getting involved on the business end of things. I know there’s a lot of you out there with good ideas and good intentions for this club. May 1st will be your chance to make a difference!

As a reminder, do not pay your PSSA dues again if you receive a notice from them. We are and always will be a 100% PSSA club, and your state dues are deducted from your yearly Snowseeker dues and forwarded to the PSSA.

On the trails end, things seem to be going good with the ANF. Tim Kelly continues to work hard on our behalf with the ANF and other clubs up there. Plowing continues to be an issue and I saw first hand the Forest Service talk to plow operator about this issue this winter. However, their hands are tied as the oil & gas industry owns the mineral rights, so we’ll just have to deal with it in up-coming winters on shared use roads. The rails to trail initiative continues to be worked on from Lantz Corners east. Other than that, the riding we had was good when we had it up there. Bob’s Trading Post helped out several Snowseeker’s this winter, so please patronize them and thank them if in the area. They supposedly have purchased Graybil marina across from them and plan on having much needed gas there next winter. The bi-annual meeting between the clubs and the Forest Service will be held at your clubhouse on April 26th at 9 a.m.

On May 10th we will host our 4th Annual spring Bash Raffle, again at St. Ferdinand Church in Cranberry Twp. Scott & Sandy and Jim & Cathy have been very busy with our major fundraiser to continue in it’s success. The all cash prize format seems to be a hit with ticket buyer’s. Much has been learned from our first three raffles and this years should be great. Please continue to be diligent with your ticket sales and lets try to avoid last minute unsold ticket turn ins as this just takes off our bottom line profit. If you can’t sell your allotment, please let someone know so we may try and get rid of them.

Ginny has also started her collections for the Bag’s, Boxes, & Baskets Raffles during the Bash. Last year, over 30 baskets raised $1800 for the club and it’s charities. Items need are: completed baskets, Lottery tickets or gift cards, or you can purchase new items and she will make up baskets from these items such as: kitchen items, Pittsburgh stuff, wine, glasses, beer mugs, DVD movies (adult & childrens), snack stuff, bath products, games, puzzles, summer beach items (sun screen, beach towels, sand toys, etc.), pet supplys, small hand tools, and booze. It takes her a lot of time to make these baskets up so the sooner she gets these items the better. Ginny would like to thank all members in advance and especially Shawn & Tina Thomas’ mothers for all they have donated to this cause. Please try and bring something to donate from the above to Aprils meeting for Ginny or call her or Joni Eastley and we’ll make this Raffle a big success again!

In close, the club lost one of it’s oldest original member’s with the passing of Roger Corl last week at the age of 92. For those of us lucky enough to ride with Roger in our youth, we will forever remember him in his 1 piece Ski-Doo suit with his pipe ablaze while riding, no matter what the outside temp was. Roger was even with the Snowseeker’s at our last Yellowstone trip at the young age of 71 in 1993. I sometimes long for these old day’s when a long ride was maybe 30 miles and took all day, and usually included a stop with a fire being built for lunch. Ride on Roger, you will always be an adventurer and a Snowseeker!

Mark & Sandy


—March 15th, St. Paddy’s Party at the clubhouse, please bring snack or covered dish
—April 3rd, Regular Monthly meeting @ Harmony Moose, 8:00 p.m.
—April 12th, Trout Season opener, Highland Haven club-house
—April 18th, Good Friday Sporting Clays Shoot, see Dean Cercone
—April 26th, meeting between USFS and Clubs, Highland Haven club-house, 9:00 a.m.
—May 1st, Regular Monthly Meeting and Elections @ Harmony Moose, 8:00 p.m.
—May 10th, 4th Annual Snowseeker Spring Bash Raffle, St. Ferdinand Church, Cranberry Twp., PA.

Ginny and Charity committee need completed baskets, lottery tickets, and/or gift cards before then. Please call Ginny or Joni Eastley. Scott and Jim and committee also will need help in the kitchen, at the door, and setting up and tearing down for this event. Please let Scott or Jim know how you can help and Sell, Sell, SELL those ticket’s!!