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Sept 3rd 2012

Jim Wolfe and I rode several areas of ASL 1  in Warren County a few weeks ago.There were some really bumpy, tight, one lane sections that Jim has since remedied with the use of RAC dollars. Several weeks were spent dozing.

Last week Jim and I met a representative from ADSM Welding in Warren to look at the feasibility of widening the bridge at South Branch Kinzua Creek (read; Bob’s Trading Post area) The plan is,  in the future, the groomer won’t have to backtrack nearly 8 miles to get around it…. Cost and feasibility is yet to be determined.

Last Saturday am  (how I spent my Labor Day vacation…) I met with members of FCSC and Marienville SMC to identify problem areas in Forest County.

These trails were previewed by the FS this week and work will begin Monday Sept 10 to improve trails 28, 11 and 12.

Steiner posted a link on Pa Snowseekers Facebook calling for a brutal winter…..  I’m smilin’

– Tim Kelly


August 14th 2012

Hello again,

We are starting our trail work with the RAC grant.  Jim Wolfe and I spent last Thursday and part of Friday in Warren county checking out some rough trails near Chapman Dam .

As soon as we get approval…we’ll start to install some drainage and widen several miles of existing trail.

Jim Wolfe was out this week…installing culvert pipes and grading the area along the South Branch Kinsua Creek (Graybill’s area).

We are also looking to find a way to widen the bridge as you cross RT 321 and head north across same creek….the groomer now deadheads approx 8 miles to get to the other side….

– Tim Kelly



Hello Summer Snowmobilers!

This year’s summer grooming funds, approximately $56,000, were spent in the Counties of McKean and Elk.

Lantz Corners : First and foremost were improvements made on the section of trail behind the campground and out to the road at the lumber yard. In the past two years, almost all of the Lantz’ Corners connector has been improved from the bone jarring mess that it was….

A section of the new trail at Marshburg (the reroute that Kevin Kost at the Barrel House worked out with some very generous private landowners) was repaired and drainage added.

Also a section of ASL #1 was rerouted behind the Russell City Store and out onto the gas line….

Lastly, several wooded sections of Trail #1 were improved and stone base was added between Russell City and Rt 321 at the Kinzua area. Your ride north this year should be much improved.

Sections of ASL #1 that were previously improved were inspected and found to have held up really well to ATV and other illegal traffic…

Jim Wolfe and myself expect to travel all of ASL #1 and other trails in the coming weeks. Our goal is to improve areas in Warren and Forest Counties where the RAC grant was funded. We have 98k at our disposal, but we need to pony up 66k in volunteer efforts too….Come out and help! Email or call Jim or Hazey and ask how you can help…..

We’d like to use half of the funds this year and save the remainder until after we ride next season. We’ve never had these kind of dollars and this kind of opportunity before…..

Jim Wolfe was out 5 and 6 days a week in June ….managing and organizing this work. He enjoys it and he’s really good at it…but it’s WORK ! Thank him when you see him….also…if you have a few free days in August…he can always use the help!

Thanks to the guys at Forest County SC who have helped with the paperwork and money management… There are several clubs working together for the good of all.

– Tim Kelly